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Thessaloniki Fabric

What is Thessaloniki (Cardigan) Fabric?


It is a type of fabric similar to the Thessaloniki knitting used in Kazakhs. Thessaloniki knitted fabric, which has a different appearance on both sides, is an unbalanced knitting type. There are thin and thick varieties. These varieties are one of the fabrics knitted on double plate knitting machines. It is among double layer knitted fabrics.

For Which Products Is Selanik Knitted Fabric Preferred?


It is possible to see Thessaloniki fabric in almost every product. Because it is used frequently in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing products. There are many single-thread, pearl-looking and coarse knitted models, and they are also used frequently in underwear.

Especially used clothes:

Baby, kids and adult outerwear products,

Some underwear products,

Jackets, cardigans and sweaters,


Sweaters and sweaters are produced for daily wear.


The Thessaloniki knitted fabric, which is widely used as cardigan, provides an elegant appearance due to its characteristics, and can also be used in the skirts and sleeves of some sweaters