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Pique Fabric

What is Pique Fabric, Pique Fabric Properties

“Piqué is produced from 100% cotton yarn. Some vegetable fibers such as cotton are also used in pique production (bamboo fibers). It is used to cover in the summer cool at night. Piques are one of the textile products that are frequently used in homes, hotels and hospitals in summer. ”

It is possible to produce piques that add coolness to summer with their natural textures by purchasing special colors and woven fabrics. All kinds of models can be applied to plain textured piqué fabrics, as well as models that are compatible with flashy piqué fabrics woven with patterns.

Choosing a Model

The type of fabric used, the pattern and color feature are important for the person using it. Consumer satisfaction should be given importance while determining the model. A variety of models should be designed in accordance with age, gender, location characteristics and intended use.


Simplicity and usefulness should be prioritized in picks produced for daily use. Edge cleaning technique should be unpretentious (piping, molding, flat folding, etc.), simple and convenient, taking into account the frequent washing element. With the use of different fabrics in more special, stylish models and appropriate decoration techniques, models suitable for every taste are produced.


Interestingly, very tasteful piques can be produced with decorations suitable for age groups by choosing soft textured fabrics for babies and children. Today’s technology has recently offered the consumer antibacterial fabrics woven from special fibers that are produced as an alternative against various health problems.


Pique Fabrics

There are piques in fabric, color and pattern features suitable for the tastes and needs of people of all ages.

Fabric width is generally produced as 240 – 250 cm.

In our country, besides plain piqué weavings, weaving with jacquard, embossed, silicon, cotton, embroidered (appliqué, wrapping, sewing, stamping, etc.) in all colors is produced and sold in stores. In recent years, the textile industry has been producing the colors of piques and duvet cover fabrics in harmony with each other. Thus, sets can be formed by sewing sheets and pillows compatible with the piques. In addition, these fabrics can be used in pique decorations.