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Ottoman Fabric

Ottoman is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed or corded effect, usually made of silk or a mixture of cotton and other silk-like threads. In the past, it was mostly used for formal wear, especially for women and academic attire. It is a tightly woven, shiny fabric used for evening wear, upholstery and decorations.

Ottoman made from pure silk is very expensive, so artificial silk is used to create a cheaper alternative.

Ottoman fabric has woven and knitted types.


Ottoman (Weaving): White fabrics that are generally woven in warp pique knitting with thin warp and thick weft threads are called ‘ottoman’. Example: Warp – 30/1 What. Weft 37.5 in cm – 12/1 Ne, 15 in cm Weight = 155 gr / cm². Ottoman fabric; It is a type of thick fabric that is used for dress, coat, upholstery. It has the character of wool, cotton and silk, woven with flat or lateral rips. It is completely covered by warp.


Ottoman (knitting): Ottoman (knitting) is a type of fabric obtained in a circular knitting machine. Generally, it is seen that yarns with yarn counts of Ne 24 and Ne 30 are used in the structure of the automa. Fiber types used in ottoma structure; cotton, PES, lycra, viscose, modal etc. Ottoman knitted fabric; It is mainly used in making t-shirts and sweat-shirts.